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This project is collaborated between The Forsyth Institute (TFI) and The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), and is funded by National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)

Providing Porphyromonas gingivalis clones, reagents and information to the research community

Publication. Sequence and annotation data will be made available in accordance with the ‘NIH-DOE Guidelines for Access to Mapping and Sequencing Data and Material Resources. The Institute for Genomic Research will make sequence and annotation information publicly available within six months of completion and concurrent with the publication of the work in a peer-reviewed journal. This information will be made available through submission to the Genome Sequence DataBase, GenBank, Genome DataBase, or other appropriate public databases and through World Wide Web servers located at TIGR.

TIGR's WWW site provides information and analysis programs to facilitate access to microbial genome sequences completed at TIGR. The information available from the site includes ftp access to the complete genome and all predicted coding regions, name-based searching of the putative identifications, sequence-based searching at both the nucleotide and peptide levels against either the whole genome or predicted coding regions, browsing of gene names categorized by functional role, a listing of structural RNA genes, retrieval of specific subsegments of the genome in FASTA format, and a mechanism for ordering the underlying clones for any segment of the genome. This information is currently available for H. influenzae, M. genitalium, and M. jannaschii. Likewise, P. gingivalis data will be made available on the WWW site with similar search capabilities. Drs. Dewhirst and Duncan will devote full time for 2.5 months to assisting in the annotation.

Clones, blots, and other reagents. Sequence information of the ends of the small insert and lambda clones will be used to determine a minimum set of overlapping clones covering the entire genome. This minimum set of clones will be made available to the research community from ATCC (under contract with TIGR). Information on the position and sequence and gene content of each clone will be available on both TIGR and Forsyth web sites. There will be a hypertext order form for clones.

Forsyth Web activities. Investigators at Forsyth are currently maintaining this Porphyromonas gingivalis web site containing information complementary to that in the TIGR web site. A complete bibliography of articles on P. gingivalis will be maintained. This bibliography will be updated monthly. A table of all genes sequenced outside of this project will be maintained as well as alignments for genes sequenced from multiple strains. A list of meetings relevant to the P. gingivalis community will be posted as well as links to other relevant Web sites. The web pages are constructed using Microsoft FrontPage. The Forsyth web server is currently running Microsoft Internet Information Server.

This page is created and maintained by Drs. Margaret Duncan, Floyd Dewhirst, and Tsute Chen, Department of Molecular Genetics, The Forsyth Institute .

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